Solid carbide cutting tools

End mills

    Square  φ0.05~,   Ball nose R0.05~,   Radus (Corner R),   Tapered,   Tapered ball nose,   For alminum,   Hi helix (Hi lead),    Un equal,    Profiled,    Steped,    Left hand etc.        Many types of coatings are available.


    Twisted φ0.1~,   3 flutes,   Steped,   Extra long,   Vanishing,   Sub land,   drill reamer,   Centering drills,   Starting drill (Leading drill),   Straight flute,   profiled,   etc.   Many types of coatings are available.                                 


    Reamers,   Chamfering cutters,   Engraving cutters,   Submarine gate cutters,   Angular cutters,   T slot cutters,   Side cutters,   Profiled cutters, etc.   Many types of coatings are available.


    AlCrN,   TiSiN,   TiCrN,   TiAlN,   TiCN,   TiN,   CrN,   DLC,   Diamond  etc.   Every kind of coatings have several types.   e.g. mono or multi layered,   for antiabrasion,   for non ferrous,   for surface quality,  etc.